Presentations at the International Meeting for Autism Research

Normally, I blog in Dutch, but since I am at the IMFAR (International Meeting for Autism Research) in San Sebastian (Spain), I decided to write in English instead.

This is a really great conference, normally held in the USA, but every few years it is held in Europe. There are so many high quality oral and poster presentations at this conference. It dazzles me!  There are presentations on infants, genes, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and so one.  I think I’ll need weeks to digest all I heard. For more information on the conference visit

My poster presentations at the IMFAR went well. The posters can be downloaded from this website (see ‘presentaties’ and look for IMFAR). There are 3 posters, namely:

1)   Construction and Validation of the Early Social Communicative Behavior Questionnaire

2)   Executive Functioning of Children with ASD: An Analysis of the BRIEF-Questionnaire

3)   The Autism Course for Spouses Is an Effective Training Program

Articles concerning these topics are underway.

1)   We (Marrit Buruma and I) have published a Dutch article, concerning the early social communicative behavior in children with ASD. See this link. And, we (Marrit Buruma, Annemarie Huyghen, Prof. Paul van Geert and I) are writing a second Dutch article concerning the psychometric qualities of the Early Social Communicative Behavior Questionnaire (in Dutch; vragenlijst voor Vroeg Sociaal Communicatief Gedrag).

2)   We (Marleen Bezemer, Prof. Paul van Geert and I) are finishing an English paper concerning the research with the BRIEF questionnaire in children with ASD. We hope it will be published soon. Next, we need to finish the data analysis on the BRIEF questionnaire in adults with ASD.

3)   The Autism Course for Spouses (in Dutch) will hopefully be in the bookstore by next year. We (Anja Talboom and I) hope to finish to finish the manuscript by summer. Then, an article on the effect study will follow.

Enough on the research. Now, I’m up for some Basque pinxtos (tapas). Yummie!

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